Why the pool cleaners at POOLSERV are leading the charge in quality work and customer service

Summer’s just around the corner, which means it’s time to prep for poolside parties, summer staycations, and weekends spent lounging in the backyard.

But you need a clean and operational pool to make it happen.

Timely pool maintenance services can help clean and test the water to ensure everyone’s health. Your pool’s appearance depends on the amount of time and effort you invest in cleaning and maintaining it. 

Pool maintenance involves several steps such as removing the debris, skimming the leaves, testing the water’s chemistry and cleaning the dirt off the pool walls – to name a few.

Some people resort to DIY pool maintenance to save money. It may look simple, but it involves professional expertise to ensure that the pool is not only clean, but safe to use.

This is why you need to hire a professional and experienced pool company to ensure that your pool’s maintenance rests in expert hands.

POOLSERV are professional pool cleaners that offer unmatched quality care and ensure your peace of mind with their pool services.

From cleaning it to balancing the water chemistry or fixing any damages in the pool, we fix it all.

Let’s read more to find out why you need a pool company like POOLSERV and how their services trump other competitor pool services in the market.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Pool Clean

Cleaning your pool adds to your home’s overall appearance, especially when you have friends or family over at your house for a BBQ or a pool party. 

Maintaining the pool ensures that bacteria or mold aren’t growing in the pool water or its walls that can be a potential health hazard. 

One of the most essential elements of your pool maintenance is balancing the water chemistry. Keeping the chemicals within limits protect your pool equipment from damage and ensures the water does not irritate your eyes and skin.

Moreover, timely pool maintenance keeps undue repairs and replacements at bay so that you don’t have to add more expenses to your list.

POOLSERV understands the importance of cleaning your pool using high-quality equipment and utmost care. The experts at POOLSERV ensure your pool’s longevity with top-notch cleaning services so that your pool remains in its ideal state and saves you from costly repairs.

Tips To Keep Your Pool Free From Grime And Bacteria

Our Pool Cleaners have you covered

We have compiled some tips to keep your pool clean to get more time to enjoy the pool.

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Keep The Water’s Chemical Levels Balanced

To keep the pool water safe and clean, you need to maintain its chemical levels. Some markers that help you to identify that the water chemistry is unbalanced include cloudy water, the presence of algae or signs of dirt that later converts into grime.

The key chemicals to check are the chlorine and pH levels of the water. Chlorine is used to kill germs and bacteria. While pH levels demonstrate the acidity and alkalinity of the water.

To monitor their levels, POOLSERV recommends using a water testing kit at least twice a week to eliminate harmful germs and irritants that lead to more significant problems.

Skim And Clean The Skimmer Basket Regularly

To keep the pool clean from debris and leaves or insects, you need to skim it regularly. Also, depending on your pool’s surroundings, you might have to clean it twice a day.

If you have a skimmer basket installed in the pool, make sure it’s working properly by dumping the basket’s contents on a regular basis. 

Check The Filter 

A pool filter is installed to keep your pool clean at all times. So, if it stops working, you will notice it immediately by accumulating dirt and grime in the pool.

Thus, it is essential to check your filter and see that it is not clogged and working correctly. Timely checks will save you from spending money on considerable problems in the long term.

Shock Your Pool

Even if your pool water’s levels lie in the optimal range, you need to shock the water to keep it pristine and sparkling. At POOLSERV, we recommend you to shock the water at least once a week to kill harmful bacteria and germs in the water. 

We have several shock treatments in our arsenal of pool cleaning products to enhance filter performance and kill germs.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

After keeping the water chemical levels in range, killing the harmful germs and getting rid of all the dirt and debris, make sure that the pool stays that way. The only way to do that is to stock up on all the pool chemicals and cleaning equipment from POOLSERV and ensure timely maintenance.

Invest in a good filter that you can quickly get from POOLSERV along with sock treatments and water clarifiers.

Hiring Professional Pool Cleaners Vs. Doing It Yourself

Pool cleaning and maintenance is a challenging task. When it comes to deciding between DIY pool maintenance and hiring professional pool cleaners, you need to consider several factors.

Let’s go over these elements to see which is more effective for your pool’s long life.

Benefits Of DIY Pool maintenance

  • If you are short on money, DIY pool cleaning is an excellent way of saving a lot of money by doing the entire cleaning and maintenance yourself
  • You don’t have to waste time calling and scheduling appointments with a professional pool service
  • Pool cleaning can be a therapeutic activity that you can do along with your family and have a nice time bonding over skimming the pool

Drawbacks Of DIY Pool Maintenance

  • It is a time-consuming task that requires hours of your time every week
  • Without proper knowledge of the chemical balance of the water, you might damage your pool
  • This means spending all the money on fixing the damages that you saved on doing the cleaning yourself

Even though DIY pool maintenance is doable, it is not recommended by the experts as it will cost you more than you will able to save on outsourcing it to professionals.

At POOLSERV, we work with different schedules and budgets to ensure that our customers are delighted, and the pool is properly maintained at all times.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Service Like POOLSERV

  • By hiring professional pool cleaners to do the work, you save time you would have to spend attempting to clean it
  • No need to research different water chemicals and seeing if the water has optimal chlorine levels or not
  • You benefit from industry reference experience. 
  • We at POOLSERVE are licensed and insured, so even if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to make costly repairs

Drawbacks Of Hiring A Professional Service Like POOLSERVE

  • Higher upfront costs. But these might save you from costlier repairs down the road
  • A non-contracted pool service might waste your time. This is why you need to go for contracted services that enable you to schedule appointments

Expert Pool Cleaning Services Offered By POOLSERV


Whether you want to prepare your pool for the summers or renovate it and want somebody to install the right equipment for your pool, POOLSERV is here to help you.

Let’s learn what you get with POOLSERV:

Equipment Repair And Installation

Do not let broken pool equipment affect your summer parties. The expert pool cleaners at POOLSERV offer the best services for repairing the filter system, pump, purification systems, chlorinators, and a lot more.

Not only this, our pool specialists are experienced in installing any equipment that you need to upkeep your pool or make it more fun.

Recovers Your Dirty And Cloudy Pool

If your pool’s water has turned cloudy or green, POOLSERV will get it cleaned in no time. Our pool specialists have potent chemicals and cleaning equipment on hand that recovers the dirty pool back to its healthy and sparkling charm.

Pool Inspections And Diagnosis

If you are not sure why your pool water is turning green or accumulating grime despite being cleaned regularly, trust POOLSERV to make the right diagnosis.

We have a team of pool cleaners that inspect your pool and diagnose the problem for you. As a licensed and insured company, we are qualified to detect the right problems and solve them.

So, even if your pool has a leak and you don’t seem to understand where it is, our pool company will find it for you.

What our customers say

High-Quality Pool Chemicals From POOLSERV

If you’re searching for the best pool chemicals, head over to POOLSERV and shop from their vast range of different chemical products.

Some of the best-selling pool chemicals at POOLSERV include:

Super Stain Out

A stain treatment solution that prevents the discolouration of water and stain formation on the pool wall can be caused by high metals.

Chlorine Tablets

These tablets work as a powerful water sanitiser and clarifier that controls harmful bacteria and germs’ growth. 

Chlorine Shock

It clears murky water and destroys germs and irritants quickly. Include it in your pool cleaning kit to ensure high filter performance and clean pool water.

Super Water Clarifier

Clears dull, dirty and cloudy water. Not only this, it ensures the optimum performance of your pool filtration system in both fresh and saltwater pools.

Spa Defoamer

It prevents and destroys the formation of foam in pools by fighting against the soaps, body oils, shampoos and other products that produce foam.

Muriatic Acid

An inorganic acid that lowers the Ph levels and alkalinity levels in the pool. This prevents scale formation on pool walls and tiles.

Eco-Safe Clarifier

It is a quick-acting solution that clears murky pool water caused by the accumulation of high amounts of dirt and debris.

What Sets POOLSERV Apart From The Competition

At POOLSERV, we prioritize our customers and their ultimate satisfaction. And we do this by offering the best quality pool cleaning and maintenance services through our highly-qualified pool specialists.

This is how we enjoy a competitive advantage and serve our customers with the absolute best!

Certified And Qualified Pool Technicians

All the pool specialists at POOLSERV are certified, pool operators. They are skilled to perform thorough pool inspections and make the right diagnosis. Not only this, our technicians are qualified in installing and repairing pool equipment as well as ensuring that they perform adequately.

Technology-Aligned Services

To make our customers’ lives easier, our pool company employ the latest technology and automated tools to clean and maintain the pools. 

Green-Free Guarantee

If your pool is turning green, we guarantee you to recover it back to its original health. For that, you need to sign up for our weekly services to ensure that your pool remains green-free throughout the year.

Created For Our Customers

Our services are wholly designed to ensure your satisfaction with pool cleanliness and maintenance. We have catered to thousands of pool owners who had the biggest smiles on their faces when they saw their sparkling pools.

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POOLSERV – For Reliable, Timely And Cost-Effective Pool Services

It takes a lot to clean your pool and keep it healthy and hygienic throughout the summer. But it’s even harder to brush the filter, backwash and sediments at the onslaught of summer. 

If you are overwhelmed with the efforts and time you need to invest in keeping your pool maintained, you need POOLSERV. Give us a call, fix an appointment and let our expert technicians handle pool maintenance for you.

We take care of it all. Communicate your requirements to our staff, and we will send you a quote right away.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s start preparing your pool for all the summer parties you got planned now!

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