5 Questions to Ask Your Pool Company in Escondido

Are you looking for a pool company in Escondido?

After doing all your research about the right size, type, style, and material of the swimming pool for your home…Now is the time to decide which pool company to hire. This is the most difficult step as finding a reliable and experienced pool company in Escondido with an excellent client testimonials is very challenging.

Below are 5 questions that you must ask the company before signing your contract:

How much experience do you have?

The first step is to ask the company about their swimming pool service in Escondido and how many years of experience they have. The more years they have spent in a field the more knowledgeable they are and the more pools they have worked on. They might also have constructed something similar to your requirements. A shorten length of time does not indicate less experience, but a small number of pools built and possibly less trained staff due to their limited opportunity to do more work.

Are you Insured or licensed?

Always ask about the insurance and license of the company as hiring someone without insurance is very risky. You can be accountable and payable for any accident or injury that might occur while installing a pool at your property.

Ask for photos of previous work…

Ask the swimming pool service in Escondido to show you their portfolio so you can see what kind of work they do. Not only it will show their craftsmanship, but you might also catch a few new ideas for your new pool. You can also ask for references from their previous clients, and possibly even visit a pool they have worked on. Visiting a pool will give you a much better insight into their quality of work.

How long will it take to construct a pool?

Ask the pool company in Escondido about the time duration they will need to construct a pool. If the contractor says that they will build a pool in a week or two then walk away. Constructing a pool requires time and effort, you need to plan and design your pool, after that the process of construction comes; which itself is time-taking. An experienced pool contractor will provide you with a complete detailed timeline with all the steps and realistic time required

Do you provide pool services?

A company that claims to only construct a pool is of no use. An ideal company would be the one that will not only design and construct a pool but will also provide services like pool maintenance in Escondido.

So if you are tired of searching for a “pool service company near me” on Google, then contact us at PoolSERV. We are well-known for our Swimming pool and hot tub service near Escondido. We have years of experience and highly trained as well as insured workers who will plan and design a pool that will exceed your expectation level. Not only this, but we also provide weekly pool service in Escondido because we know how important it is to keep the pool neat and clean.

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