The Benefits of Our Pool Company in Rancho Santa Fe

PoolSERV is a prominent pool company in Rancho Santa Fe, with hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from our customers. We offer both routine cleaning as well as one-time pool maintenance service at budget-friendly prices.

Benefits of DIY pool maintenance vs. hiring a reputed pool company:

Our experts in swimming pool service in Rancho Santa Fe provide comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services. Some of the tasks that we carry out as a part of our weekly pool service in Rancho Santa Fe include:

  • Vacuuming the pool surface, skimming debris from the water’s surface, and scrubbing the walls, steps, and other surfaces
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets, ensuring the proper functioning of the filters
  • Checking the water’s pH and balancing the pool chemicals
  • Checking the water level and shocking the pool

Our top professional pool service company will open the pool and close it in the spring and wintertime accordingly. As an amateur, you may not have the resources, tools, or in-depth knowledge to carry out these tasks. Without the proper experience, you can end up causing damage to the pool and its components, leading to costlier repairs in the long-term.

Services included in routine pool maintenance

Our weekly or bi-weekly pool maintenance services include checking the water level, testing water chemistry, applying chemicals, and emptying the skimmers. Our weekly pool maintenance in Rancho Santa Fe can keep your pool clean and safe for your swimmers and can prevent costly repairs over the years.

We also offer a swimming pool and hot tub service near Rancho Santa Fe, at affordable prices. Our monthly pool maintenance services include testing water pH, checking filters, equipment & settings, brushing the pool surface, emptying traps & baskets, checking robotic cleaners, vacuuming, and skimming.

How much does it cost to purchase and maintain a pool?

Typically, the cost of maintaining a pool can reach $120 – $380 for a one-time cleaning service. Weekly or bi-weekly pool service can cost $100 – $150, while monthly maintenance services can cost between $80 and $150.

On average, the cost of opening and closing your pool can reach $450. Other services like pool repair, filter replacement, and utilities can cost anywhere between $150 and $650.

Additional swimming pool maintenance tips

Maintaining your pool is crucial to prevent it from turning into a frog pond. Entrusting your pool maintenance needs to a reputed and reliable pool service provider is ideal to keep it safe and clean.

Make sure to use a skimmer to remove floating debris from the water regularly. Skim or vacuum the pool regularly to remove fine particles like dust and dirt. Lastly, make sure to brush the plaster-lined concrete walls at least once a week.

Get an instant quote from PoolServ at 858-707-7589. Signing up for our routine pool maintenance services can save you time and money and from the stress of worrying about your swimming pool. Visit our website to have the top pool company in Rancho Santa Fe take care of your pool-related problems.

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