Pool Maintenance In Poway

Looking 4 Pool Maintenance In Poway?

Looking 4 pool maintenance in Poway is easy when using POOLSERV pool service. Having a pool is a luxury that shouldn’t turn into a nuisance. On a blazing hot, summer day, being able to jump into a crystal clear pool of water is refreshing in the greatest sense! Keeping that water crystal clear isn’t as easy as enjoying it, that’s for sure! Buying costly chemicals, watching videos to figure out how to maintain your pump system, and using your pool time to clean the pool! What?!! None of this sounds luxurious. Luckily POOLSERV performs pool maintenance in Poway.

Dirty Or Cloudy Pools Come Clean With Pool Maintenance In Poway!

The upkeep of your pool system in part is effected by weather. When hit with a heatwave, pool temperatures can rise quickly. Sometimes it took quick for your system to be able to keep up with the sudden change. The result can be algae forming on the walls and steps of your pool. Having algae on your steps can cause them to be slick and become a fall risk. More importantly rapid growth of algae and bacteria will throw off the pH of your pool water.

The pH level measures the acidity of the pool water. If the pH is above 7 it is considered basic, if below 7 it is considered acidic. The optimum level of pool water is 7.4, which is the same pH level as our mucous membranes and eyes. To ensure everyone enjoys using the pool, it’s important to keep the pH levels balanced at all times. If it’s too high, it can cause skin irritation and corrode metal parts of the pool. If the pH is too low, it can cause the chlorine to not be as effective.

These are two of the situations that can cause a pool to become cloudy or dirty. Once it does, this surpasses regular pool maintenance in Poway! The recovery of the water itself can be very time consuming and costly. POOLSERV can bring your pool back to its pristine state at a comparable price. Let POOLSERV take the guess work out of the chemistry involved in the upkeep of your pool.

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