5 Reasons to Hire POOLSERV for Pool Maintenance in San Diego

There’s a good reason why so many homeowners trust POOLSERV for pool maintenance in San Diego – we offer a superior customer experience. More affordable rates are just one of the many reasons to choose us as your pool expert – we will ensure you never have to lift a finger to test, clean, or maintain your equipment. Stress-free pool maintence service is what we specialize in at POOLSERV and is why we are rated the #1 swimming pool cleaners near San Diego.

5 Reasons to Hire POOLSERV for Pool Maintenance in San Diego

1. We’re proud to offer affordable pool cleaning services near San Diego, starting at an unbelievable price at $99.99 per month. This cost includes all of your chemical supplies, brushing & skimming, water testing & balancing, and equipment checks. If you thought professional pool maintenance was out of your budget, contact us to find out more about how we can save you money month after month.

2. We employ highly-skilled San Diego pool cleaners who are committed to delivering exceptional results all throughout the year. If sparkling clean pool water is your goal, we are the best company to hire for pool maintenance in San Diego. Our technicians work on all conventional chlorine and salt water systems, offering professional repairs and one-time services, as well as:

  • Equipment repair & installation
  • Pool water recovery
  • Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Supplies


3. If you own a salt water swimming pool system, you may have noticed that most pool companies shy away from repairs and maintenance, but that’s not the case at POOLSERV. We are salt water pool specialists, able to save you money on filter replacements and salt cell cleanings. If you’re tired of disassembling and cleaning your pool’s salt cells – we can keep your system operating at peak efficiency. Call us for a quote when you need to hire a salt water pool service company near San Diego.

4. Our customers rate us the best pool cleaning company in San Diego – consistently 5 stars for our full-service maintenance plan. Join our list of satisfied customers from around the San Diego community, and try our monthly maintenance service!

5. If you’re like most of our customers at POOLSERV, you want to spend more time in the water and less time on the deck skimming leaves & debris and brushing algae. If your goal is to increase your leisure time, we can help you achieve your objectives without charging you a lot of money for pool maintenance in San Diego.

Contact POOLSERV for a quote, and we’ll schedule your first cleaning and maintenance visit at a time that’s convenient for you. Reach us at (858) 707-7589 or through our website’s contact form. We’re also a trusted pool chemical supplier, with everything you need to maintain your own swimming pool, including shock,chlorine tablets, pH balancers, pool salt, stain remover, filter grid replacements, pump lid o-rings, water clarifier, and much, much more.

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