The Top Pool Service In San Diego

Top Pool Service In San Diego With POOLSERV

At POOLSERV, we offer professional pool services in San Diego for all of your pool care needs – from skimmer and basket emptying, to filter cleaning, water chemistry, and brushing. Our qualified technicians of pool service in San Diego can keep your pool in pristine shape so you don’t have to! Our pool experts are highly trained, skilled, and licensed to handle any pool cleaning job, no matter how big or small. Making and keeping our customers happy is what POOLSERV is all about! Reach out today to contact a trained technician for a free quote call us at (858) 707-7589 or  to learn more about our top 10 pool services in San Diego with POOLSERV!

What To Expect From Our Pool Service in San Diego

When it comes to our pool service in San Diego, our team at POOLSERV does it all, and all of our technicians are certified. Our pool service in San Diego include the following:

  • Pool inspection
  • Skim surface
  • Vacuum pool
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump basket
  • Empty automatic vacuum basket
  • Brush tile line and pool surface
  • Check equipment for leaks and proper operation
  • Comprehensive pool water testing
  • Chemical Balancing

If you have a particular service you need to have addressed, don’t hesitate to contact us at POOLSERV. We are here to help wherever we can, and that’s what makes us the best pool service in San Diego!

We Make Pool Service in San Diego Easy

 At POOLSERV, we use the best cleaning methods and technology to keep your pool clean. We make sure the water inside your pool is balanced to eliminate any bacteria cause from algae so that swimmers can enjoy the pool. We use a net to skim the surface and remove any leaves and debris from your pool and a brush to make sure it’s sparkling clean. We also clean pool tiles, walls, and steps to ensure that they are free of algae and mold. Our professional pool cleaners empty the pump and clean it thoroughly.

POOLSERV will empty and clean your skimmer baskets to keep your pool water circulating correctly and to keep it sparkling clean! If you have a saltwater pool, no problem! Saltwater pools use a salt cell to generate its own chlorine. Occasionally, the salt cell needs to be disassembled and cleaned to prevent poor circulation, insufficient filtration, and quite commonly, an inability to produce chlorine.

This is where POOLSERV has your back! We will remove the salt cell, eliminate the obstructions, and return the cell to peak performance.

One-Time Cleaning Pool Service in San Diego

 We understand that pool cleaning can be time-consuming. If you have a dirty pool that you inherited or haven’t had the time to clean, but are not ready to invest your time and effort, POOLSERV offers one-time cleanings to ensure that your swimming pool is sparkling clean. This is one of our no-contract philosophy benefits; our team will be there when you need us so that you aren’t spending unnecessary money on pool cleaning and maintenance.

Contact Our Pool Cleaning Experts Today! You need an expert if you are looking to clean your pool. At POOLSERV, we help pool owners maintain their pool and keep the pool clean, so that their families can play, jump, and swim in the pool all the time. No matter your pool cleaning needs, our experts are always available to keep your pool clean and free from bacteria and viruses. Contact us today to get an instant quote or call us at (858) 707-7589 to schedule a consultation for the best pool service in San Diego, CA.

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