Weekly Service Starting at
$199.99/Month (chemicals included)

Pool Cleaners Carmel Mountain Ranch

Weekly Service

Properly maintaining your pool, spa, or fountain all on your own can become tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes even frustrating. But that’s where our weekly service comes in for the rescue! From brushing and netting to checking your equipment and balancing your water, we take care of it all. And the best part is that all routine chemicals are included!

Filter Cleanings

Whether you have a cartridge or D.E. filter, it needs to be cleaned a few times per year to avoid poor circulation, unnecessary strain on your pump, and a variety of other complications. Let us take this off your hands, and we’ll disassemble the filter, clean and inspect each of the components, and run it through our startup process to ensure that it’s back in tip-top shape.

Salt Cell Cleanings

A saltwater pool uses a salt cell to generate its own chlorine, but every so often, the salt cell needs to be disassembled and cleaned to prevent poor circulation, insufficient filtration, and quite commonly, an inability to produce chlorine. Not to worry, though! Our salt cell cleanings include removing the salt cell, eliminating the obstructions, and returning the cell to peak performance.