Our Employee Training Program

It’s safe to say that our employee training program is among the most rigorous and detailed in the entire pool service industry. Before we even welcome a new employee to the team, we invest A LOT of time and resources to hire only the best of the best, and unlike many other pool service companies, we’re proud to pay all of our employees a livable wage. Mediocrity is definitely not our thing.

Our employee training program not only requires CPO certification, but it also includes weeks of classroom, online, and onsite training before an employee is even permitted to enter the field on their own. This ensures maximum attention to detail, quality, and customer service. Once an employee is finally in role, they are routinely trained on new and different technology, equipment, and processes, not to mention put through a strict 90-day evaluation to determine whether they have the necessary skills, personality, and character to contribute to POOLSERV’s success. As lasting members of our team, employees are periodically cross-trained on other positions within the company so that they may always be improving and developing new skills. 

CPO Certification

Although CPO certification is not required in all states, it is absolutely mandatory for all of our technicians because it not only provides employees with a priceless higher level of knowledge and training, but it also ensures quality standards, reduces inefficiencies, and increases safety in the work environment.

Many pool service companies don’t invest in CPO certification for their technicians because it can be costly, especially for companies that have high employee turnover. At POOLSERV, we care so much about the safety and development of our employees, as well as their attention to detail and quality for our customers, that it’s a no-brainer. 

Exceptional Communication

If you guessed that substandard quality is the most pressing concern among pool owners in the pool service industry, then you’d almost be right! Based on years of ongoing market research, it comes in second behind poor communication. Customers struggle to get in touch with the company they’ve hired. They doubt whether their pool was serviced on any given week. And most worrisome, they’re billed blindly for unapproved services and products.

Luckily, we had insight into these concerns before POOLSERV was created, and so, exceptional communication became the focus of our entire customer experience. We take pride in responding to customer emails within 24 business hours because we know how important it is for you to save time. We invest in tools that alert us of any communication delays, as well as field service management software that allows our technicians to communicate directly with customers. Not only does this allow our technicians to notify you when they’re on their way to your pool, but it also keeps you in-the-know about all relevant information, including the details of the service that was done, the water chemistry, the chemicals that were added, and any notes of which you should be made aware. Above all else, we want you to gain peace of mind about your pool, and that starts with efficient communication.

What Our Customers Say